Nasr Escobar,Accepts Honorary position with The Brazilian American Olympic & Tourism Committee

Team Azzure spearheaded by Nasr Escobar signs futures contract with Translation inc (Steve Stoute,CEO).

The Firm and Team Azzure,sign a one year contract to do Real time polling for AL JAZEERA Network..

Nasr Escobar,Accepts the position as Adjunct Profesor/Lecturer at Oxford  University,(Online International Law Course ),Continuing Education  Department.

Nasr Escobar,Wins International Council of Champions Award for Foreign Policy Education

Nasr Escobar,Has been offered a executive public relations position with the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars..

Nasr Escobar, Nasr truly thanks the Jacksonville Jaguars for the opportunity  to be apart of there organisation,  At this time he has decided not to  accept the position with the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars.

Nasr Escobar- Nasr is working with Caricom in partnership with the Embassies  of Trinidad and Brasil, On foreign trade contracts and international  music and sports media coverage assistance program….

Nasr Escobar -Takes contract position as Foreign Trade and Securities Counsel for Caricom

The Firm of Azzure,Iszar-Escobar has been awarded copyright compliance contracts by Dolce & Gabanna.

Nasr Escobar, Accepts the Ambassadorship with the African Securities  Exchange Division of The African Union, Nasr will handle foreign policy  and securities while creating African Diaspora Unification projects.

Adjunct senior fellow for African peace and security issues at the Council of African Affairs